Website Updates!

As the new website has come online, we’re working to import some of our older content, add new content, and also integrate the website with our active social media platforms. Hopefully this will allow us to reach the largest audience possible by maximizing our exposure with a unified presence across multiple platforms. As of this post, any updates posted to our website will be automatically copied to our Facebook and Twitter pages, with links back to the original post on our website.

We have also got a Gallery page up and running, showcasing some fantastic photos that were taken during the Operation Redstorm West milsim game.

Additionally, we will be working hard to keep our new Roster page updated. We will be getting high resolution photos of all of our group members in their kit and posting them online for you to see. The most common questions we get from people are in regards to our kit, so we want to have every member have a detailed kit view available online. We have more plans to flush this detail out even more in the future, so stay tuned!